Monday, 7 May 2012

Well, it’s here! We leave the UK today and have no idea when we’ll be returning. I can tell you, it’s a funny old feeling.  

Yesterday was spent making last minute adjustments to the bike. On Saturday, Jeff had managed to get us the exact size of rear tyre that we needed so the task was to get that fitted. First of all it had a puncture so Iain whizzed it over to a local tyre place and got it sorted (I have to point out that it’s a car tyre, not a bike tyre otherwise he’d have mended it himself) and then he fitted it. Great. Not so. With the wider tyre it was catching the mud guard and the exhaust. Out with the hack saw and the mud guard was appropriately fashioned and the exhaust and pannier rail were put right. It was a late night. 

It’s 6.50am, Peter’s been in with our morning cuppa for the last time. We’re doing last minute packing. We’re both quite calm at the moment but that may change when we get down to the bike and try and get everything in! 

So the next time we update you we’ll be in Europe and the adventure will well and truly have begun.


  1. Good speaking to you both, guten fahrt!
    If we'd known you were leaving today from there we'd have popped up and waved you bye.
    Have a great trip - maybe catch up on the road.
    Love FyB XX

  2. Hail and Farewell you two, travel gently and love every moment (and each other if you can manage it!) I'll be checking for updates and will follow your progress with a mixture of envy and excitement.