Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Goodbye Turkey
Tuesday 29 May 2012
We were heading towards the Turkey/Georgia border crossing and it was like Turkey was saying “see what I’ve got to offer, you don’t need to leave and go to any other country, there’s plenty for you to see here”. We rode through some of the most amazing scenery we’ve ever experienced.  The mountains towered at either side of us and the river meandered down the valley, cutting its course through the rock.  We felt so insignificant, like ants running down a storm drain. 
 We rounded a corner and the road had been closed. We managed to establish that it would be shut for about an hour so Darren got the stove out to make a brew but a kindly lorry driver had already been to the hut and got us all hot drinks. As the traffic started to tail back, folk were coming out of their cars to come over and have a look at the bikes. This is something that happens everywhere, especially if you keep off the tourist trails, as we do. Darren decided it would be a good idea to have a stone throwing competition and we had to throw a stone and hit the rock on other side of the river. Well, as you can imagine, me and Leigh got about half way across the river but Darren and Iain were getting just short of the rock. One of the Turkish lads in the queue decided he would have a go and promptly threw a stone half way up the rock on the other side: Turkey 1 – England 0. Much hilarity (and excuses!) followed.
                                                                Free tea at the petrol stations
As time was passing, we pulled into the town on Artvin and met a local biker who showed us a hotel to stay in and then met us later and we went for a meal and a drink.
Wednesday 30 May 2012
We left Artvin to head for Posof where we were meeting up with Will to cross over into Georgia. The crossing was easy and we stopped in the first town and a bloke came over to chat. We asked about a hotel with parking and he jumped in his car and showed us the way. It’s very new, no sign and somehow it’s ended up with 4 of us in one room and Will in a room by himself! Again they’ve gone so far out of their way to accommodate us, it’s unreal! Also, the lightning tonight has been spectacular - no rain, no thunder , just a light show to remember. As beautiful as it is, I do prefer a sunny day.


  1. Seriously you two, what a truly epic ride.
    When I was up in Fife this last couple of weeks I thought about you a lot, even drove a few roads that were old-friends to me, ones I'd not been on since I was a boy and yeah, the wanderlust gets me too, but to be where you are and see the things you're describing, and all the 'good stuff' like friendly people and their kind acts - utterly superb. Ride safely folks, Love and Light.

  2. Hi Ian and Debz looks like your having great fun , belle and nadine are having all sorts of trouble behind you but still having a great time


  3. Wow leaving Europe before I even have a chance to say Hello!!Goodbye! All the best Deb and Ian and I bet you have a fantastic time. I am just a wee bit envious :-)

    Scotty the Aussie