Friday, 11 May 2012

Wandering Willies Win!

We boarded the ferry, dumped our stuff and then straight up onto the deck to watch the shores of North and South Tyneside disappear and to wave goodbye to the good folk that had come to see us away.  We then went to the bar where a quiz was just about to start. We’ll have a go at that we thought and would you believe it, the wandering willies (for that was us) won! A bottle of champagne the welcome prize. Will opened it, the cork stotted of the roof then my head!!

3 ladies came over and asked if we were Iain + Debz, now this is the second time complete strangers have approached and called us by name (the first being in The Gambia) and I can tell you, it’s strange but brings a smile to our faces! They were from the Harley Davidson club if Utrecht and had been to Scotland and stayed with friends of ours, Andy & Maya. They had filled them in our trip and told them to look out for us.
From Holland, through Germany and into Poland. We were headed for Oswiecim to visit the Museum of Auschwitz.  What a moving experience. We’ve all seen the documentaries about this place but to actually stand looking at piles of peoples belongings, knowing their fate, is like nothing either of us have experienced before. I could type for hours about what I saw today but I don’t feel my words would do it justice.


  1. Er wow! Poland already!! I hadn't realised you were going to be travelling so quickly. Still, I guess there's not much to see in Western Europe that you either haven't already seen or can do another time. There's no way us lot back home can get an idea of your route is there? Just so we can follow your track on Google Earth or whatever. I must admit I've been checking the weather across Holland and Germany and wishing your travels are blessed by at least better weather than we've been getting! From the Auschwitz pic it looks like you've had at least some clear skies. Bright Blessings, Jeff

  2. Hi Iain and Debz.
    we had this message from Eric it is looking like some good news for us all.



    Crossing from Georgia to Russia via Kazbegi/Vladikavkaz border point May 2012:


    Went Friday 11 May 2012 up from Tbilisi to Kazbegi via Georgian Military Highway. The road is very nice, except for the crossing over the pass, where you have 14 km of really bad road. The rest is brand new and fun to ride.
    Went up to the border point,parked the bike and asked the guy from custom if I can cross as a non russian/georgian/CIS citizen the border. The answer was YES YOU CAN!
    I asked then again, and mentioned that last year the border was closed for foreigners. They said yes, it was closed but now it's open, it is ok to cross to Russia. If you have a russian visa, of course.
    I did not crossed because I wanted to go to Azerbaijan and from there to Turmenistan on the way to Mongolia and Siberia.