Monday, 23 July 2012

Mongolian Mayhem

A few days after we arrived in UB, Belle and Nadine arrived back from the jaunt down into the Gobi Desert. Belle and Nads had also been part of the Scooters in the Sahara trip down to the Gambia that we did in March and it was great to catch up with them. The last time we saw them was in Istanbul and a lot has happened for all of us in that time so it was non-stop chatter!
We arranged to go the Chinngis Khan Statue and what a delight that was. Below the statue is a complex housing a cafe, a Bronze Age museum and the largest boot in the world!

You can go up inside the horse and come out on the view platform, which is in the horse’s mane. You get a lovely view from here.
On the way back, we stop to have a look at and to hold some eagles and vultures.

Iain has been working on the bike a lot and helping other folks out so last night we ventured into the centre of UB with Belle and Nads for a bite to eat. The ride there was exciting enough but the ride back in the dark even more so! Belle and Nads went on their only surviving scooter and Iain and I went on Belles new Chinese 150cc bike, bought in UB. It’s the same kind of bike the locals use and it was good fun zipping about in and out of the traffic but I don’t think we’d like to do it every day! We went to a restaurant where you choose all the veg, meat and sauces you want and then give them to the chef and he cooks them in front of you. The chef is also very skilled and throws the food around and puts on a bit of a show for the customers.

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