Friday, 15 June 2012

Shocked in Zlatoust!

On my last post, when I said we’d be on the road in a day or 2, what I actually should have written was a week or 2 L. The shock has been sent to the Moscow branch of Wilburs for them to sort it under warranty. We arrived here on Saturday night, Russia was on holiday on Monday and Tuesday (their National Day) so after speaking to The Midlands (UK – thanks to John at Revs Racing for his help) and Moscow on Wednesday, shock was removed and sent away on Thursday. It takes 3 days to get to Moscow, they’ll turn it around same day if possible and then 3 days back!  We in the UK are so used to things ‘next day’ because the island is so very small. So, realistically, it’ll be end of next week until we’re on the road again.
It was Iain’s (40th...shhh) birthday yesterday and when Denis came to get him in the morning, he presented him with a parcel, all wrapped up in nice blue paper and bows. They gave him a lovely knife in its own leather sheath and documentation. It was made in Zlatoust so Iain was very pleased with it and he does like a good knife! The handle is made out of bark as far as we can understand and it’s a special local ‘recipe’ for the blade.

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